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Europe's key e-cigarette industry event comes to the USA!

As with the EU, Electronic Cigarettes are fast catching up with traditional tobacco products in the United States. This has of course led to discussions across the industry and the US government regarding the current level of regulation, as well as public health concerns and questions around efficacy and cessation.

In 2010, a federal court ruled that FDA could not regulate e-cigarettes as medicines unless therapeutic claims were being made in marketing. It suggested that the FDA had the option of asserting authority over them as tobacco products. 

That assertion of authority is what is happening now.

On the other side of the story, the market is rapidly consolidation in the face of changing legislation, with the shift moving from the product to the IP of the product – patent litigation is gaining ground and is a key subject for smaller firms. Supply chain, marketing and business considerations are still day to day concerns for those across the globe.

The eCig Vegas: Industry Conference will bring together retailers and influential policymakers to discuss the impacts of the proposed regulations, and also take a in-depth look at the core functions of the e-cig retail business including M&A, IP, product marketing and supply chain management.

Key topics to be discussed include:

  • Ingredient listings and health warnings – how would this work in practice?
  • Compliance costs for manufacturers  - what impact will this have on the consumer?
  • SE pathway and PMTAs – should the FDA consider a different regulatory mechanism for newly deemed products?
  • ECig Safety, Nicotine Addiction & Smoking Cessation – What We Know Now & What We Need to Know
  • Behavioural data to draw conclusions on patterns of use
  • The gateway issue – research and responsibility
  • What impact will the Advance notice of proposed rulemaking have on the flavor argument in e-cigarettes?
  • If it's legal, we'll do it! – the current approach to marketing and the potential ramifications of a lack of regulation
  • M&A in e-Cigarettes – a future of consolidation?
  • Dealing with the import issue – licencing, taxes, supply chain control and product scrutiny
  • Improving the safety features of e-cigarettes – elements, materials and use
  • Creating global industry GMP standards
  • The multi layered challenged affecting Canada's e-cig industry

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